XIX Premio Internazionale Fair Play Menarini, an incredible success


Fair Play, honesty, love for sport and life. All these elements have been the base of “Premio Internazionale Fair Play Menarini”, a wonderful show which was held in Castiglion Fiorentino, an Etruscan town in the hearth of Tuscany. An international jury has choosen the winner of the categories among sport men and woman all over the world.

For the third year, Premio Internazionale Fair Play Menarini has had an important traveling companion: Menarini Industrie Farmaceutiche, the first italian pharmaceutical group in Europe and world. Menarini is the Title Sponsor and right in 2015 the group celebrates 100 years in Florence. Instead, the Main sponsor is SEL, Sport & Events Logistics.

An important role is kept by the testimonials of Premio Internazionale Fair Play Menarini. They are great sport men and woman who bring around the world the concept of fair play and honesty. They are Luca Galimberti, Igor Cassina, Christof Innerhofer, Elenora Lo Bianco, Andrea Lucchetta, Damiano Tommasi, Francesca Porcellato, Valerio Aspromonte e May El-Khalil. Some of the were
Here are the winners for each category:
Premio Speciale Fair Play Fiamme Gialle “Studio e sport” to Marco La Capra, a young student who is having great results in taekwondo.
“Sport e solidarietà” to Eric Abidal.
“Personaggio mito” to Inge De Brujin, known as Inki, an incredible swimmer. In 2000, in less than 3 weeks, she obtained seven word records.

“Sport e ambiente” to Alessio “Chicco” Chiodi. He has received the award from Pier Carlo Bottero, director of SEL. Chicco has been the first Italian champion in the world on an Italian motorbike. After an accident, he has started over his career winning the Italian Title and reaching the third place in a world competition.
“Un modello per i giovani” has gone to Giusy Versace, the first italian athlete running with a double amputation of legs and reaching in 2012, a new European record.
“Una vita per lo sport” to Giancarlo Antognoni, a very loved soccer in Florence. He has received the award from Ennio Troiano, Human resources director in Menarini.
“Personaggio mito” to Bjorn Daehlie, the most successfull athlete in the history of ski.
“Carriera nel fair play” has gone to Davide Cassani, a great cyclist, who has reached 27 victories.
“Lo sport oltre lo sport” to Tina Maze: four gold and five second places in world competition of ski.
“Una vita per lo sport” to Gabriel Omar Batistuta. Ha has been awarded by Ennio Troiano, Human Resources Director in Menarini.
“Sport e vita” to Tatjana Lebedeva, incredible athlete in triple bound and long bound, reaching many successes in European, world and Olympic competitions.
“Lo sport oltre lo sport” to Andrea Macrì, a young sport man using a clutch to walk because of an accident. He practices hockey in winter time while in summer he dedicates to swordplay.
“Sustenium Energia e cuore” to Samuele Papi, called “fenomeno” for the resultas obtained in his volley career. He has received the award by Ennio Troiano, (Menarini),

“Personaggio mito” to Yana Klochkova, a winning swimmer.
“Fair Play” to Derek Anthony Redmond, incredible runner awarded by Pier Carlo Bottero, director in SEL.

In this edition of Premio Internazionale Fair Play Menarini, we find an Award to the memory, dedicated to Samia Yussuf Omar, a young somali athlete dead to run away from her country. She has drowned near Lampedusa Island.