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He made his debut in the Italian Serie A League for Naples where he won his first trophies just two years later: the Italian League title and Coppa Italia. With 323 appearances in ten seasons, the defender became a true symbol of the Napoli side.


He made his debut in the Italian squad. He won a bronze medal for Italy at the 1990 World Cup and the 1988 European Cup, as well as a runners-up medal in the 2000 European Cup.


He signed for Juventus, winning the Serie A League title and Coppa Italia in his first year for the "bianconeri" team, before going on to win the Champions League the following year. He stayed in Turin for eleven years, making 358 appearances.


He retired from football after 500 games in the Serie A and an impressive number of trophies (including 8 League titles and 5 Italian Super Cups). He joined the Italian side as technical assistant and participated in the World Cup victory in Germany. In 2009, he was appointed coach at Juventus, in 2010 for the Italian under-21 team and in 2012 at Sampdoria.