Luis Alberto Scola Balvoa


“Fair Play”




After his youth competitions in Argentina with Ferro Carril Oueste, he relocated to Spain, taking Cabitel Gijón to the top of the series, then joining Tau Vitoria where, in seven seasons, he earned the Copa del Rey three times and arrived twice in the Euroleague Final Fours in addition to a historic Spanish title.


Cornerstone of Argentina’s “Generacion Dorada” (“Golden Generation”), he earns an Olympic gold in the Athens Summer Games. With the Argentina national team, he also won the bronze medal at the Beijing 2008 Summer Games and two silver medals at the World Cup.


Already considered one of the strongest basketball players in Europe, he begins his adventure in the United States in the NBA where he plays for ten thrilling years, wearing the jerseys of the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets.


After also making his mark in the Chinese CBA championship he settles in Italy, signing first with Olimpia Milano and then with Pallacanestro Varese.